Our Beliefs

What do we believe?

In order to identify our church as biblical in theology, evangelical in spirit, and as part of the larger Body of Christ, we have set forth the following statement of guiding beliefs:

We believe in the One True God who reveals himself to us in Holy Scripture and in Jesus Christ our Lord, showing Himself to be our merciful and loving God.

We believe in God the Father who created us and all things and who loves us unconditionally.

We believe in God the Son, our Redeemer, who through his death, burial, and resurrection has reconciled us to himself.

We believe in God the Holy Spirit, our Sustainer, who empowers us to live as His children.

We believe in Christ’s Church where Christ chooses to dwell and where we experience the love, grace and forgiveness of our Living and Present Christ.

We believe God has called us into our world to live as Salt and Light, seasoning our world with the love of Christ, and shining in the darkness by bearing witness to the Light of Christ. 

We believe in a New World that awaits us at Christ’s return when the dead in Christ arise, where we will live forever in the presence of Christ and all who have placed their faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.