comGroups are central for fulfilling our church vision of “Making Gospel-centered disciples for the glory of God.”  They are the nerves and muscle cells of our mission, small units within our body where people care for one another in relationships that encourage them to grow closer to Christ.  

A comGroup is any group that shares three key characteristics:

Christ—growing in Christ is the goal
Others—living in community
Mission—being mission-minded

We offer a variety of forms of comGroups, a “wider gate” so that each person has a better opportunity of connecting to a type that fits their season of life:

  • Open Door Groups—comGroups that you can join at any time
  • Micro-groups—3-5 people enables greater intimacy
  • “Typical Groups”—8-14 people in size
  • Aphesis groups—a special discipleship experience that meets for 23 weeks. Find out more.

Our philosophy on the question of whether groups are “open or closed,” is that we have both! Open Door Groups are always open, and Aphesis groups are closed once they start.  Other groups have their own season of life—once a group grows to its desired size, it is usually healthy to “close” the group for a season so that the group might grow closer, and then there is a season to give birth to new comGroups by sending a part of a group onto the adventure of starting a new comGroup.  Our goal is that at any given time in the life of our church family, there will be comGroups that are actively seeking to grow by inviting new people to join their comGroup, so that people seeking to connect can experience the power of being invited to belong. 

For help in finding a comGroup to join, or to talk more about comGroups with a staff person, click here and we will connect with you personally.