Luke Translation Project Update 

The Luke Translation Project to the AKAARAKAA Cluster Group was a great success. Thank You! - VCC has collected sponsorship for over 26% of the verses in Luke at $25 dollars a verse. You can continue to contribute online at www.endbiblepoverty.org/event/valley-community-church. We will get periodic updates on how the translation is going. If you have a specific verse in mind, you can contact Dave Peterson at: .

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Summer 2014 mission trips

Nicaragua July 28- August 8
Intergenerational (adults, students, families) Mission Trip to the Chinandega area of Nicaragua.  Trip will focus on church building and vacation bible school, also visiting a job training center with welding, carpentry, beauty school, and farming.  For an idea of the trip, check out video 1, video 2video 3.  The last couple of days will be rest and reflection in Granada, a colonial town on a lake with activities.  $1950 covers all expenses.  For more information, contact Dave Peterson, or 925-462-7432.

Denver - Sports Camp, July 12-19
This mission trip is for HS and MS students. We are heading to Aurora, Colorado to do Sports Camp. We will arrive and receive extensive training and then spend five days doing sports camp for a local church and community. Questions about the trip contact Ryan Cochran, Student Ministries Pastor. or 925-846-6622 x411.

Northern Ireland, July 17-26
Intergenerational (adults, students, families) Mission Trip to Dundrum and New Castle, Northern Ireland. Richie Shillida from R.I.O.T. (Revival In Our Town) is coordinating our trip. We will be working with local churches in Dundrum and New Castle doing community outreaches. In the past they have done VBS like programs, backyard Bible studies and served at a community center. We will be fulfilling needs of the community churches. Questions about the trip contact Ryan Cochran, Student Ministries Pastor. or 925-846-6622 x411.

Mission to Ensenada, Mexico   August 3-9
Whether you have never been on a mission trip or have done so many you have lost count, this trip could be for you!  VCC will be leading a house-building mission trip through Dennis Hollenbeck's Real Life Ministries.  This trip is for anyone that can hold a shovel, no experience necessary (kids too)!!  For more information about the trip, please contact: Heather Schomaker - 

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Join volunteers from a broad base of Kingdom-centered churches in sharing the love of Christ with others. Opportunities are available to serve those in need in our Valley.