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Blessings of Rest and Celebration

She walked into the entrance of the hall in a dazed stupor barely able to tell us her children’s names. “I’ve brought my pillow and blanket,” she said with much anticipation but with only as much energy as she could muster up.  Her voice trembled with exhaustion as... Continue Reading Comments (0)

Help us finish this journey

Freedom is the ability to move in any direction; to be unconfined, unrestricted, without restraint. This coming Sunday, September 21, we will be taking a special offering to FINISH the Setting Us Free campaign. The purpose of this offering is to completely pay off the parking structure note and... Continue Reading Comments (0)

We've all had a night like this

We’ve all had a night like this. The kind of night where your body quickly relaxes and begins its overnight healing… but your brain doesn’t get the same memo. No, the brain kept driving way over 55 for most of the night, and had there been a sound to it, it would have been that of an old Atari... Continue Reading Comments (0)

Changing Church, Continuing Generosity

During the past several months, we have experienced quite a bit of change at VCC, notably the change in Sunday morning services. If during this time you attended an iNVERSION service for the first time, one of the changes you likely noticed is the offering plate isn’t passed along the... Continue Reading Comments (0)

The Missional Outpost

Ten years ago, a seed was planted in Pleasanton soil. That seed has finally broken ground and has taken form in the budding vision for a “Missional Outpost.” What is this Missional Outpost and why the need for it? Let’s begin with the “why” as it has shaped the “what.” Continue Reading Comments (0)