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I didn't even know I was thirsty

It’s been said that if you don’t drink enough water you gradually don’t even recognize your thirst. I’ve found this to be true in my life. I had become so random and haphazard about personal time reading and reflecting on God’s Word that I didn’t recognize how... Continue Reading Comments (0)

"Today, God is speaking my language..."

God’s Word for every language – in this generation. Many people in the Akaarakaa Cluster identify as Christians. But just beneath the surface, superstition and fear motivate a majority among them to implore spirits for favor or appease them to avoid pain. Continue Reading Comments (0)

A Mother's Day Tribute

I have been involved in some form of ministry for almost 40 years. Across those years I have been blessed to have known and worked alongside some truly gifted women. One of my heartaches is that too often in our churches we have honored women for being mothers and wives and these roles are... Continue Reading Comments (0)

Kingdom math - spiritual multiplication

“Brilliant! How could I have missed this in all the times I have read the Gospels?” Several were murmuring these words as a small band of 10 women from VCC huddled together this Winter studying Jesus’ strategy for Discipleship. There seemed to be no “Plan B” during His three brief years of... Continue Reading Comments (0)

Maintaining Distinctives Without Diminishing

We are now ten weeks into Sunday morning changes here and it has been exciting to see all the good things God is doing through it all. In looking for an analogy of how we are moving forward someone shared the Disneyland model; one big park with multiple smaller parks inside. Some of us are... Continue Reading Comments (0)