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Changing Church, Continuing Generosity

During the past several months, we have experienced quite a bit of change at VCC, notably the change in Sunday morning services. If during this time you attended an iNVERSION service for the first time, one of the changes you likely noticed is the offering plate isn’t passed along the rows! Instead, people put their gifts in a “treasure” box at the back of the sanctuary (actually, many people in the iNVERSION community give online). For this, and likely other reasons, people have been wondering “What’s happening financially?” The bottom line—the generosity of the people of VCC continues so that our financial needs are being met.One Family Multiple Communities 

If you don’t need any more details than the above bottom line, you can skip this paragraph. Through the first half of this fiscal year, our contributions have very nearly matched our budget. We do want to note though that in this fiscal year giving started very strong, i.e. giving in October was $55,000 above budget, and since then giving in most months has been below budget. On the expenditure side, we have continued to keep our spending low so that halfway through the year our spending is $61,000 below the general fund budget. The net result is that our financial position has improved during this time of change. 

At an April congregational meeting we identified some changes to iNVERSION financing. Beginning in April, contributions at iNVERSION services go to the General Fund (unless otherwise designated by the contributor). We also created a new iNVERSION Offsite Fund that will be used solely for the purpose of establishing a missional outpost (see detailed article). We recently started our budget planning for next year, and based upon the progress on paying off our existing debt (see the next paragraph!), we hope to simplify our finances next year by including iNVERSION ministry and personnel costs in our general budget. 

Which brings me to the status of our Setting Us Free (SUF) campaign to pay off the existing loan on the parking structure. We continue to project that by the originally planned end of the campaign in November, we will be very close to our goal. As of April 30, our remaining debt was $299,454! We have come a long way from the initial debt of $2.3M. This coming September you will be hearing more about how we hope to accelerate our campaign so that we can enter our next fiscal year (beginning on October 1) debt-free. Meanwhile, please continue to make your donations to the SUF Fund to put us in a good position to get across the finish line in September. 

In summary, the elders are so thankful for the generous people of our Valley Community Church family. In the midst of many changes, you have continued to faithfully give to the Kingdom-ministry of VCC. In return, even as we rejoice in our improved financial position, we continue to carefully evaluate each expenditure. We are excited what God is doing in and through us as we seek to make gospel-centered disciples for the glory of God.